Drum roll please… Here is your official first listen to music off new upcoming album! (Title to be announced soon)

I’ve been working diligently for the past few weeks on a lyric video for “Be”. We are releasing it very, very soon. The song is an awesome representation of how epic this album is going to be! See if you can guess the title of the album, it’s hidden within the song :D

Thank you guys for the support in making this happen and continuing to spreading the word about my PledgeMusic campaign. We still need to hit 200% to get this album out!

Lyric video coming soon… in the meantime watch this quick teaser I made just for you! (All photos take by me)


p.s. Leave me a comment and let me know what ya’ll think!

My birthday wish + free mp3!

Today is my birthday and I’ve already woken up to tons and tons of facebook, twitter, texting and email love from you! Thank you for taking the time to send some really sweet messages. I’m feeling incredibly blessed and loved.

I have to be honest, I’ve also been feeling really stressed lately. Moving to a new town, starting over, beating the pavement, hasn’t been easy. There is a glimmer of light, I just need to keep on keepin’ on (as Chris Pierce would say).

The fantastic news is that we finished recording the entire freaking album!!! But, we haven’t raised the 200% we need to mix, master, make some music videos and all the other stuff it takes for an album to truly be succesful. Until we get to that 200% mark, we can’t release it. It’s killing me to sit on this album. Josh and I embarked on a completely different path and sound for me with this album. It’s an epic, driving and cinematic journey that I am bursting at the seams to take you on!

So, if I had one birthday wish it would be this! Your continued support to help us hit 200%

I came up with a few birthday ideas…

JULY 10TH, SPECIAL!!!!!!!!

ANYONE THAT PLEDGES TODAY (ON MY BIRTHDAY) WILL BE ENTERED INTO A FREE HOUSE CONCERT CONTEST! I’ll choose one lucky pledger from today and give you a free house concert. Winner will be announced tomorrow afternoon!


Until we reach 200% all pledgers will get an immediate free download of my last 2 albums, The Worst Kind of Way and Hurricanes and Forget Me Nots!

Okay, I’m closing my eyes, blowing out my candles, and wishing for 200%!

Love and Laughter,

P.S. No pledge is too small. It only takes $10 to support. You are the future of music. You are my record label. You make this all possible. I absolutely cannot do this without you! :)

P.P.S. Enjoy this free mp3 download of “Ukuf**kinlele” :D